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Fast track your mobile coffee franchise with Cafe2U Acceleration Package

The Cafe2U Acceleration Package is a unique four week training and support program for all new Cafe2U Franchise Partners to ensure that your business launches with a flying start.

In response to the common question: “How quickly will my business gain momentum?”, Cafe2U developed the Acceleration Package.

The Acceleration Package provides new Franchise Partners with:

  • An income guarantee for the first two weeks of business – meaning you know exactly what you will deposit in the bank in those crucial first 2 weeks,
  • A Franchise Development Manager (FDM) – a personal launch coach to help you get up and running.

After 2 weeks of training (1 week in the classroom and 1 pre-work), your FDM will spend a further 2 weeks working with you 1:1, in your territory, to show you the steps to build a sustainable business, and develop a daily business schedule, which provides the foundation on which you will manage further growth.

The Cafe2U Acceleration Package means that Cafe2U Franchise Partners benefit from the rewards of business ownership sooner, and have a superb springboard from which to build the business further.

Interested in a Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Franchise?

Call Martyn directly on 07767 000005 or send us an enquiry.

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