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Halloween Treats to Leave You Trembling…

Halloween Treats To Leave You Trembling…

If you’re looking to frighten and delight your Halloween party guests, look no further than the list that we have compiled. We’ve provided a dead good collection of cakes, treats and bakes. It’s a real trick AND treat!

  1. Halloween Cupcakes

If you’re looking to really set a spooky vibe for your Halloween party or to bake in the kitchen with kids, these cupcakes are perfect for Halloween! You can find the recipe here to make these devilish delights.

  1. Halloween Cocktails

Whether you’re planning a party or not, these are some fantastic Halloween-based drinks that can really get you in the mood for the frightful festivities. Check out these drinks to make your great night that bit more ghoulish!

  1.  Halloween Pumpkin Squares

These yummy square treats taste like a pumpkin pie and are filled with gooey marshmallow in the middle. An adventurous and delicious treats for guests and all the family, take a look at the recipe here!

  1.  Haunted Graveyard Cake

This is the perfect centerpiece for a Halloween-themed party! This is great for kids to have a hand in making, and adults will enjoy the bewitching bake. It’s a real creative challenge to create the cake but don’t torture yourself – take a peek here!

  1.  Coffin Surprise Biscuits

These treats will shock and surprise your guests as they find out you’ve stuffed these biscuit coffins with gummy worms or candy spiders! It’s a very daring stunt to pull off so take a look here!

To celebrate Halloween Cafe2U has launched some gruesomely great drinks specials for all our customers to enjoy, ask your barista today!

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