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Our Green Coffee Month in Review

Our Green Coffee Month In Review

Cafe2U’s first Green Coffee Month is officially over until next year. The campaign ran across our UK network of over 90+ vans, highlighting the changes that Cafe2U has been making to help the environment and to challenge other coffee businesses to do the same.

The month comprised Reusable Cup Week, coffee grounds recycling initiatives and a scheme designed to solve the problem of existing ‘plastic film’ coffee cups being difficult to recycle.

The campaign reached many news outlets that help spread the word of the campaign, covering the ins and outs of the initiative. We were featured in Leeds-Live, Franchise Direct, Ncass and Coffee Business World.

We are pleased with the success of the inaugural campaign, with money raised for recycling charity Hubub, plus increased awareness amongst our customers regarding how they can change their coffee drinking habits to help the environment. If you want to catch up on any of the articles we ran to help promote the campaign, check out these: Reusable vs Disposable Cups and 10 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds.

Cafe2U hopes to continue the success of Green Coffee Month and really develop the month year on year, creating more awareness amongst our coffee peers and customers.

Cafe2U takes premium, espresso-based coffee, hot chocolate, and sweet treats directly to the consumer at non-traditional locations all across the country, such as places of work, business areas, industrial estates, events and sporting occasions.

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