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Coffee with an Extra Shot of Success for Cafe2U

Coffee With An Extra Shot Of Success For Cafe2U

Cafe2U is celebrating a month of bumper results, having been listed as the UK’s 21st best franchise and scoring a customer satisfaction rating of 9.3/10 in a recent survey.

Cafe2U, which has 90 vans across the UK, was listed in Franchise Direct’s independent listing of the UK’s Top 100 Franchises. The criteria used to compile the list includes system size and revenue, stability and growth, market expansion, social responsibility and environmental policy. The data was then plugged into a proprietary computer formula, making the outcome the most objective measurement possible.

The listing coincides with Cafe2U’s customer survey, which returned positive news for the franchise business, celebrating its 15th birthday later in the year. The research of the 1,250-strong customer database, asked respondents their preferences on various topics such as favourite drinks, use of dairy alternatives and seasonal coffee trends.

The results come during a time of growth for the business, which is currently investing in a number of steps to revolutionise its operation, including marketing, website and other technological developments set to be announced later in the year.

Cafe2U’s Chief Executive Office, Martyn Ward, commented: “We are delighted with our Franchise Direct listing. We are behind only Starbucks and Costa in terms of the coffee industry, and ahead of some seriously heavy-hitting brands in other sectors. We are in good company!

“I’d like to say a huge well done to every single one of our franchisees and head office team. We are the out-and-out leader in the mobile coffee sector and have every intention of strengthening that position in the coming months and years thanks to our relationship with Coffeesmiths Collective. Really exciting times ahead.”

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