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If Coffee Be The Drink Of Love…

If Coffee Be The Drink Of Love…

Coffee and dating unsurprisingly go hand in hand and, importantly, coffee can also improve your relationships! Here’s a list of reasons why coffee is ideal for your love life.


  • It’s economical and inexpensive

Even at high-end coffee shops or mobile vans you probably won’t be spending more than £10 for a couple of coffees and a slice of cake to share. Many daters go overboard and often overthink a date in terms of expense. This puts a lot of pressure on both the person paying and receiving. So, it is often better to get to know the other person in a situation without heavy expectations. Go for cheaper, personal, and easy – also who doesn’t like coffee?!


  • Coffee makes you more attractive

The caffeine in coffee and tea is a stimulant. It helps get the body energised and can help get the blood pumping and heart racing –  these can be similar feelings to when you are flushed or falling for someone!


  • It can help you in the bedroom


Research has shown that coffee can increase women’s sex drive. Women who drink coffee more than once a week are considered to be ‘in the mood’ whilst consuming caffeine. Coffee also has similar effect on men, scientists believe that men who drink more than two or three cups of coffee a day are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.


  • They drank an incredible amount during the TV show Friends

For all our Friends viewers out there, they will know that love triangles run throughout the show. Was this all fueled by coffee? One Friends’ fanatic figured out that 1,154 cups of coffee were consumed, purchased and poured during the show’s ten year reign. Could it have been coffee that made the characters pursue one another… we certainly think so!


  • It can be the perfect morning couple ritual

Spending the morning drinking coffee with your significant other is the ideal way to spend the first part of your day. There’s something very comforting and romantic about sitting across the table from someone you care about a lot. Life can be hectic at times so having routine and balance with your partner can be just what you need to start your day, talking nonsense or simply gazing at each other and feeling the love.


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