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About Cafe2U UK

Cafe2U was launched in the UK by managing director Tom Acland in 2004. Tom first experienced Cafe2U when he was working in Australia between 2000 and 2004, and became a customer of one of the very first Cafe2U vans. The thing that struck Tom about his experience as a customer was not only the quality of the coffee that he was able to enjoy every day, but also the convenience of having it made fresh, outside his office!

Cafe2U now takes premium, espresso-based coffee, hot chocolate, and sweet treats directly to the consumer at non-traditional locations all across the country, such as places of work, business areas, industrial estates, events and sporting occasions.

The business now boasts a network of more than 90 vans and was recently named the fourth largest coffee business in the UK in the Allegra Coffee Portal 2017.

Through a commitment to the highest standards in customer service, product and operational standards, the business looks to continue its growth in the coming years, keeping customers and franchise partners happy along the way.




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