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Investing in a Cafe2U franchise

What does the investment in a Cafe2U franchise produce?

Once you start the discovery process, you will be provided with the tools to calculate your own earnings potential, but with a typical Gross Profit of between 65 – 75%, from an initial franchise fee investment of £18,950+VAT, the potential returns are as exciting as the coffee!

The model is built around the working week, working Monday to Friday, with revenue from events and weekend activities adding to your earnings potential, if you want them to. This gives your business the sort of exposure and momentum it needs, allowing you to manage the business and its hours in the future, once it is established.

From this activity you would expect to return an EBITDA of over 30%. (This assumes and includes monthly lease costs for the Cafe2U van)

What does the investment provide?

A Cafe2U Franchise Partner receives an exclusive territory license, full training program, accelerated launch package and marketing pack. Your Cafe2U van will be available on a lease scheme or can be purchased outright, depending on your capital position.

The renowned Cafe2U ‘Acceleration Package’ provides a £275 per day revenue guarantee to ensure early momentum in your business. This enables business owners to reach an initial level of sales that previously took at least three months to achieve from which you can build on to what ever level you desire.

Cafe2U is a multi award winner in the national awards conducted by the Beverage Standards Association (BSA), and this is down to the ongoing success of the people who join Cafe2U, the training we provide, and the fantastic products we use.



Fast track your business with the Cafe2U Acceleration Package


Interested in a Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Franchise?

Call Martyn directly on 07767 000005 or send us an enquiry.

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