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Reusable vs Disposable Cups – The Big Debate

Reusable Vs Disposable Cups – The Big Debate

Latest studies suggest that the UK consumes over 70 million cups of coffee per day. For many coffee drinkers, coffee and single-use-coffee cups are a part of their daily lives. Most of the disposable cups are made from paper and are branded as being recyclable, which is great in theory but there are many down sides and problems with disposable cups.

  • What are disposable coffee cups made from?

Here’s the lowdown on what these cups are made of! Styrofoam cups are made from polystyrene, a type of plastic which never fully breaks down. All styrofoam cups that have ever been used, are still out there, lurking in landfill and emitting methane gases into the atmosphere –  scary isn’t it!

Even if the products in your coffee cup are recyclable, chances are that it will be thrown in the ‘normal’ rubbish bin. It’s estimated that 5 billion disposable cups end up in landfill a year, which is about 1 million cups a minute, every hour, every day.

  • What can you do to help prevent this?

One of the easiest solutions is to purchase a reusable KeepCup. KeepCups mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups.  Cafe2U is proud to have teamed up with KeepCup to provide environmentally friendly alternatives instead of normal coffee cups.

After 15 uses a keep cup starts ‘paying for itself’ in an environmental sense, meaning you’ll be saving more trees, water, and energy than you would have if you had chosen a disposable cup.

Keep Cups last for at least three years, if you had chosen to use disposable cups during this time you would have contributed just under 3kg of plastics to landfill.

Through the widespread sales of KeepCup want cafes to lift reuse rates to 40% reusables in the “to go” environment.  

You can pick up your very own KeepCup reusable cup from any of our vans around the country. Take that next step to helping the environment today.

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