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10 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

10 Creative Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee has many purposes and can be more helpful than just waking you up in a morning! This article will show you how coffee grounds can help you around your house, take a peek into this list and find out why you will never throw your old coffee grounds away again.


  • They neutralize odours


Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps eliminate a foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air when it’s combined with carbon. That basically means that coffee can help absorb and get rid of the bad odours.

This can make the foods in your fridge smell better and neutralize the odours – just place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or freezer, this should solve the problem of bad smelling foods!

One of the most creative uses of the coffee grounds is creating DIY air fresheners. You can fill old socks with the coffee grounds and tie them off to make portable air fresheners!


  • It helps remove dirt


Place a few teaspoons of grounds on a thin cleaning rag and use to scour away grease and grime. Finish with a thorough rinsing. Just make sure not to use it on ceramic or other dishes that stain easily.

Coffee grounds can be used as an abrasive cleaner. They can help sanitize and remove buildup from sinks, cookware, grills and other surfaces around the house.

So make sure you keep your coffee grounds at the ready for your next big meal!


  • It can tenderize your meat

Coffee contains natural acids and enzymes, making it especially effective at tenderizing meat.

It’s those acidic tones of coffee that pair well with the savory tones of meat. When combined, the two make a heck of a flavor explosion. The reason why coffee is great for BBQ, whether ground or brewed, is because it acts like a spice.

It’s the perfect solution to a perfect meal!


  • Will freshen your clothes


What you need to do is add a fresh pot of coffee and its grounds into your load of brown washing – make sure it’s dark colours only!

The Coffee will help stain materials and keep dark colours looking fantastic!


  • Clear up acne


Coffee is best known to treat acne as it deep exfoliates the skin. Caffeine in the coffee can tighten skin, smooth puffiness, fight free radicals and help fight cellulite and acne. It firms the skin thereby reducing the cellulite. Coffee plumps your skin and adds a healthy glow to it.

So fear not if you struggle with acne, coffee grounds can be the next step to clearer skin!


  • Helps remove build up from your hair


As mentioned earlier coffee helps exfoliate your skin, massaging coffee grounds into your scalp while in the shower will help remove product build-up and help stimulate hair growth.

So next time you’re in the shower make sure you have your coffee grounds equipped and ready!


  • Keeps your pets safe

After washing your cats and dogs, you can add 1 or 2 cups of coffee grounds into their fur – make sure you rinse afterwards. This will help kill fleas and make your animals fur soft and smooth.

Importantly though make sure your pet doesn’t eat the coffee grounds – as caffeine can be dangerous to animals!


  • Cleans your fireplace

Whilst coffee grounds won’t do all the work when cleaning your fireplace they sure will help – they will make the process of cleaning out your fireplace much easier and less messy.  

Scatter the used coffee grounds over the ashes to weight them down and prevent the huge clouds of smoke that often arise when performing this tricky task. Sprinkle a layer of damp grounds over the ashes before sweeping them up.


  • They can help repel insects and pests from your garden

Coffee grounds can help repel not only mosquitos but also other annoying insects such as  wasps and bees. Coffee grounds contain a strong smell but it’s even stronger when they are burned. This smell will bother the pests and keep them away.

Creating a two inch wall of coffee grounds around your garden should do the job – to help repel and deter them pesky bugs.


  • Fertilize your garden

Mix your old grounds with dead grass clippings, brown leaves, or dry straw to neutralize some of the acidity, the spread them around your plants.  Used coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to the soil.

Even your garden can’t resist the lure of java!

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